About Street Angels

How did we get here and where are we going


When you’re going about your life
and God lays it on your heart to be
a blessing in His name, you can’t
ignore the call he places on your
life. This is how Street Angels was
born and our story continues to

…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine,
you did for me. Mat 25:40

Ministering to the needy in Tampa Florida

Our Story

What started out as a compelling call to our spirit to simply feed the hungry and bless them spiritually in Jesus’ name has grown into feeding hundreds every month. It began one day when we went to the auto parts store on our motorcycles. We saw 6 people hanging out by the tree, near a parking lot in Gibsonton. I felt led to “go ask them if they’re hungry”. I did and they were, so we went home heated up all the food and leftovers in our fridge, and took it back to them. This grew to then cooking dinners for a large group of people every Thursday evening, serving them out of our vehicles, hot, prepared meals. Over time the volunteers, donations of food, and resources had grown to the point that it became clear that God had a bigger plan in mind.

Where We’ve Been Led

We have completed the total restoration of a 24′ trailer for mobile ministry. The trailer facilitates a mobile church for our monthly events on the last Thursday of every month. The trailer enables us to haul chairs and tables and music equipment, which allows us to have small, short services wherever we are ministering, speaking about the gospel of Christ, yet follow that with also addressing their physical needs of clothing and other personal hygiene items that are so crucial to many who have nowhere to sleep.

Above all, we provide relationship, companionship, and the love of Jesus, which is the ultimate solution to the fears, hurts, financial and emotional challenges that so many are facing today.

Our New Storage and Warehouse Facility

New Storage Building Interior- Street Angels Ministry Florida

An Amazing Story of Need And Answered Prayers

Earlier this year we met Bobby Williams and The Freedom Tour, a food and disaster relief organization. After prayer and discussion, The Freedom Tour decided to partner with us by providing thousands of pounds of food and beverages delivered to us monthly. The challenge was, we did not have the facilities to handle the shipments. But God…

After a lot of praying about the ministry’s needs for storage, we stepped in faith and started to build a storage facility. We have been blessed through generous donations by individuals and ministry partners who met this need, by the grace of God.

This summer we were able to build our new storage facility.

The facility allows us to receive large quantities of donated food and drinks and other items and enables us to more efficiently and effectively serve the people & families in our communities.

It is a huge blessing to us, and the families who we serve. God is good!

The Freedom Tour
New Storage Building - Street Angels Ministry Florida

Our Vision

We have a God-inspired vision for the future of Street Angels Ministry and where it is going. Below we will share our vision of what some of that looks like.

Street Angels Oasis – a 12 month Faith-based mentoring, spiritual rehabilitation program, situated on 20 acres of land. Starting with 20 tiny homes/campers with a main building that will be used as a kitchen, dining hall, and recreation room with men and women bathrooms/locker rooms/showers. Providing a safe, loving, compassionate environment to all residents where they will receive the spiritual and emotional support they need to build good moral character and learn to take responsibility for their behavior. We envision several large vegetable gardens and chickens and other small farm animals to accomplish partial sustainability, along with emotional support, responsibility that encourages care and love for all of God’s creation.

Each resident will be required to maintain the cleanliness of their home, attend daily Bible studies, and will be assigned to routine tasks on the property. This helps in developing a sense of both individual and collective responsibility. Tasks such as gardening, cooking, kitchen duties, laundry, landscaping, cleaning, and animal care would be a part of their daily routine, in order to teach responsibility as a part of their redevelopment process.

The residents will be provided with mentors to help them develop emotional, physical, moral, and spiritual elements to help them build a stronger independent character. Discipleship training will encourage the residents to transform from old habits and behaviors and help them to integrate back into society, as well as teaching them employment skills and giving them integrity and a sense of pride.

We will provide them with the tools they need to gain life skills and training, and help them establish employment.

Street Angels Efficiency is a secondary program designed to provide temporary or long-term housing solutions for recent graduates of the Street Angels Oasis program or select individuals facing hardship. They will need to have income and agree to follow the property rules and guidelines. It will consist of a hotel or similar property that is a Faith-based facility, with a no drug, no alcohol, and no smoking policy. There will be a curfew in place, no noise or visitors after 10 pm rule with a property manager and security available on site 24/7 to ensure the safety of all the residents. We want to establish a safe, friendly, moral, community by respecting each other and teaching residents what it means to “love your neighbor.”

The efficiency program may also incorporate employment opportunities with partner businesses that have expressed interest in working with Street Angels to train and develop graduates into good income jobs with career opportunities.

Our Current Programs

Food & Donations

We are always accepting food, clothing and hygiene item donations to give directly to those in need. If you have any information on local organizations or businesses that would like to connect with us please contact us and let’s chat


Thursday and Sunday we mobilize our team of volunteers to make a real difference. Join us and see what can be accomplished when you get an impassioned team to focus on change. Join Us


Our community is full of people who want to help. We work to help the people providing services with the people who need them. Come connect with people in new ways.

The Trailer Story

It started as a question during a board meeting “how can we reach the people better?” The answer came from one of our board members “why not get a trailer to be a mobile ministry?” We had a limited budget so we prayed about it and asked God for direction. We found an old car trailer, but we knew it would require a lot of hard work and God’s help. We were amazed at the amount of friends and people that believed in our ministry and were eager to help. What happened next was a miracle…. Everything was donated all the labor and materials. It took 4 long months, hundreds of hours of labor, and the help of 10 friends to completely remodel the trailer inside and out.

We knew from the very beginning this was HIS ministry and he is in control, we are just blessed to be a part of it!